I have an old version of EasySiteLive – can I upgrade?

Yes, you can upgrade to the new EasySiteLivePro – but the site will NOT be transportable automatically.

There are two ways of moving your old EasySiteLive website to the PRO version….

  1. Manually copy across the content into the new version – whilst this takes time, it does mean your site will be built on the latest system, and available to update anywhere.
  2. Our design team can recreate your old site for you, whilst there will be a charge for this (dependent on the size of your site) we will ensure your pride and joy is given a face lift and will be faster and more accessible than ever before.

One thing to note – as EasySiteLivePro is available as a trial version, on a temporary domain name – you can begin setting up your new site for free – and when its ready simple ask us to swap it onto your existing domain name.

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